Say No to Low-Fat

  1. When you drastically lower your calorie intake, you eventually lower your resting (basal) metabolic rate – leaving you lethargic and more sedentary.
  2. When manufacturers take fat out of food, they often replace it with sugar or sugar-like substitutes. Excess sugar in the body that is not immediately required is quickly turned into and stored as fat.
  3. Without the satiating effect of fat, you will feel hungrier sooner and often need to snack.
  4. When you finally cave in, and you will, you will devour calorie-dense, nutrient-poor food.
  5. Very low-fat diets are often nutrient deficient, leaving you lacking essential fatty acids and important fat-soluble vitamins.

Action Plan

  • Avoid low-fat, low-calorie diets. Your body will compensate for the reduction in energy intake and sabotage your efforts. You will eventually regain all the initial weight lost, often with interest.
  • Avoid diets altogether. Think long term. Change your lifestyle. Eat real food and the weight loss will follow.
  • When it comes to packaged foods if it says ‘low fat’, think ‘high sugar’.
  • Eat natural fats. Fat does not make you fat.
  • Learn about the real causes of weight gain here, and discover how INSULEAN can help.

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