Type 2 Diabetes does not need to be a life-long disease. In most cases, it can be prevented and reversed using a number of simple, proven, dietary and lifestyle approaches.

Online Consultations are available, wherever you are in the World.

Dietary Diseases must have Dietary Solutions.


Week 1

60 min Consultation
  • Comprehensive medical assessment including your weight, diet, exercise, and sleep and work patterns.
  • Metabolic Syndrome check list.
  • Assessment of medical problems related to your diabetes, and weight if applicable.
  • A review of all medication taken, as many drugs can contribute to diabetes and weight gain.
  • An opportunity to ask any questions related to diet, weight or exercise.

Week 2-5

Weekly Action Plan
  • Weekly 45 minute virtual/clinic consultations.
  • Adjustment of medication – if applicable. This is mandatory if you are taking diabetic medication, including insulin.
  • Daily medical support, including a review of your blood glucose levels.
  • Meal plans and recipe ideas.
  • Free e-book on Sugar.
  • Access to a wide variety of helpful resources, including books, articles, videos and more.


Your blood glucose levels can improve very quickly on this programme. If you are on diabetes medication, you are strongly advised to inform your GP of the dietary changes you are making. Diabetes and Obesity can co-exist, and diabetes is often considered a weight-related disorder.

We do not prescribe any medication. We follow an exclusive dietary and lifestyle approach.

You will need a blood glucose monitor, a tape measure, a weight scale, and a good internet connection.

Let’s get started



Diabetes Service



Type 2 diabetes does not need to be a life-long disease. We can help you reverse pre-diabetes or established diabetes using a number of proven dietary and lifestyle approaches. Contact us today and work with an expert doctor to help you manage your diabetes safely and correctly.


This intensive 5-week programme includes:

  1. A 1-hour comprehensive medical assessment, at the beginning of the programme
  2. Weekly 45 minute virtual/clinic consultations
  3. Adjustment of medication – this is mandatory if you are on diabetes medication, such as tablets or insulin
  4. Daily medical support
  5. Meal plans and recipe ideas
  6. Free e-book on Sugar



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“Three months from now, you’ll thank yourself.”


We test 20 biomarkers essential to good health. Results are available within 48 hours and are published on your unique digital dashboard,  on your laptop or mobile device, as shown.

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  • Liver function
  • Lipid profile
  • Average glucose level
  • Key markers of energy
  • Tests for inflammation
  • Tests for stress


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